Hi Deborah,

Thanks for taking the time to answer.  This is exactly the type of info Im
looking for.

Your answer describes two scenarios:

1. Starting From Paper: A process that A) turns the Paper Card Index into
Digital List, B) requires enriching it via a Master Data Source like
WorldCat, and C) loads the list into the library.
2. Starting from a Digital List: Which I assume still requires B and C, from

After initial upload, is that Digital List treated as an ongoing Source of
Truth (SoT) that is continuously mastered outside the library and
incrementally synched with the data loaded into the library?  Or, after
initial upload, is that list discarded and the library, itself, is used to
control master inventory (either through incremental manual entry or
scanning)?  Im under the impression that its the latter.



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> Hi Frank,
> That's a fairly broad set of questions. My library currently uses Alma but
> there are heaps of systems out there.
> is a good place to get an idea of who uses what. If you create an account you
> can run an advanced search eg "all libraries in New Zealand using Alma".
> As for launching a new system, it really depends what data you have to start
> with. If you're starting with an old card index, or nothing, then you'd
> probably want to... say scan all the ISBNs/ISSNs into a list and try and get
> records for these all from WorldCat or something, but you'd need a lot of
> manual intervention (especially as you'd need to add holdings and local
> barcodes/RFID/whatever).
> But if you're starting with the records in some electronic form already, then
> you'd want to work with your new vendor to try and import those from whatever
> format you're already using.
> Deborah
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> Hi All,
> Im curious to learn:
> 1. What Library Management Systems (LMSs) system do you use to manage your
> Libraries and all Library Artifacts?
> 2. How do you seed your artifacts (books, journals, etc.) into your LMSs?
> So, for example, when launching a new system for the first time, how do you
> seed it with all your books, journals, etc.?  Do you have things like CSV seed
> files or do you enter all artifacts one at a time?
> Thanks for your help,
> Frank
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