We just went through the ever enjoyable process for the three Arizona Universities. I can email you what we came up with in a very short period of time.

Tammy Allgood Wolf
Director of Discovery Services 
ASU Libraries
Arizona State University

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Hi David,
The "Open specifications for library systems" website (  ) has an open and re-usable specification/RFP available to all ( ). From the website........

"Most content (e.g. the Library Services Platform Specification) is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-0 license."You can copy, modify, distribute the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission." This does not apply of course to *external* content which is accessed by (URL) links and which will have its own specific licensing regime associated with it."

One of those links is to a Spec/RFP produced by the University of Edinburgh.
However that is also re-usable as it licensed under a Creative Commons By-Attribution (CC-BY) licence so you can use that too if it helps

*Anyone* can contribute and create/edit content so do free to participate.
The site was set up to: "promote the development of standard, open and re-usable specifications for library systems. We hope this service will not only help to reduce costs in library technology procurement but facilitate an open dialogue amongst all interested stakeholders to help develop the functionality of library related systems."

However my personal view is that while specs/RFPs can be helpful they are not always successful. By using such a process libraries sometimes get what they asked for but not necessarily what they want. I have been involved in many library (archive and other) system procurements over the years and have found the 'Jobs-To-Be-Done' (JTBD) method ( ) really helpful in both identifying real needs and evaluating solutions. It's a proven and robust approach with a large literature.
Very best
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    With the conference going today, I figured it would be a good time to get this request in -- for libraries who have recently developed an RFP for their ILS, would you be willing to share that RFP with me?  Here at Villanova, we'd be interested to see what other libraries had put into their requests.  While our ILS update is a bit down the pike (we are keeping our eyes on FOLIO's development at the moment), we think it would be a worthwhile exercise to develop our own RFP so we can do some preliminary planning.  Thanks everyone!

David Uspal

Library Technology Developer

Falvey Memorial Library

Villanova University