Do any of you keep plants at your desk at work?  I ask because I recently adopted two cats, and while they’re adorable, it seems they’ve made it their solemn mission to take down anything green and crunchy in my house. As a result, I’m slowly migrating all of my houseplants to the office—and I’m actually a little mad I didn’t think to bring some in before. It’s so pleasant! My greatest wish is to obscure so much of the outside world that anyone who comes to find me will be peeking into a jungle. Totally up to building codes, right?


Anyways, they’ve been keeping me company as I compiled this extra-long list of jobs today. Take a look.


·         Digital Technologies Librarian at the Vassar College Libraries

·         Three positions from Yale University:

o    Project Archivist

o    Data Librarian

o    Digital Scholarship Project Manager

·         Digital Collections & Preservation Librarian at Boston College

·         Associate University Librarian for Digital Technologies at Brown University

·         Librarian for History at Brown University

·         User Experience Specialist at Occidental College

·         Head, Digital Collections and Preservation Systems at Columbia University

·         Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow at Washington and Lee University

·         Emerging Technology Librarian at Valencia College

·         Digital Information Technologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research Library


You can check out listings from previous weeks on our website or search #DLFjobs on Twitter. Want to post an opportunity? It’s free for anyone from a DLF member institution.


Say hi to your little plant buddies for me!




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