The National Digital Stewardship Alliance is pleased to announce the release of the 2016 Web Archiving Survey Report (PDF).


From January 20 to February 16, 2016, a team representing multiple NDSA member institutions and interest groups conducted a survey of organizations in the United States actively involved in, or planning to start, programs to archive content from the Web. This effort built upon a similar survey undertaken by NDSA in late 2011 and published online in June 2012 and a second survey in late 2013 published online in September 2014.


The goal of these surveys is to better understand the landscape of Web archiving activities in the United States by investigating the organizations involved, the history and scope of their Web archiving programs, the types of Web content being preserved, the tools and services being used, access and discovery services being provided, and overall policies related to Web archiving programs. While this survey documents the current state of US Web archiving initiatives, comparison with the results of the 2011 and 2013 surveys enables an analysis of emerging trends. This report therefore describes the current state of the field, tracks the evolution of the field over the last few years, and points to future opportunities and developments.


The reports and survey instruments are available on the NDSA Web site at



The NDSA Web Archiving Survey Working Group


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