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On behalf of the BitCurator Consortium Program Committee, I'm pleased to share some exciting announcements related to the upcoming 2017 BitCurator Users Forum “Digital Forensics: The Academic Library and Beyond”, scheduled to take place April 27-28 2017 on the campus of Northwestern University.


Preliminary Program Live!

We are happy to announce that the preliminary program is now available on the BitCurator Consortium website.


The first day of the Forum will consist of two workshop tracks focusing on digital forensics and the BitCurator software environment for both novices and advanced users.


The first track, Testing the BitCurator Waters, is aimed at exposing novice users to the environment in order to ensure that all attendees will have common reference points for the activities on day two.


The second advanced track, Diving Deep with BitCurator, will feature discussions and problem-solving sessions around desired functionality, as well as workflow breakdowns and their potential solutions.


For day two, The Program Committee is finalizing presentations on developments in software, discussions of workflows and documentation, the state of digital forensics in academic libraries and archives, as well as a panel discussion about the ethical implications of forensic analysis. There will also be dedicated sessions for lightning talks and birds of feather breakout group style discussions.


Register for the 2017 BitCurator Users Forum here:


Deadline for Proposing Lightning Talks and Birds of a Feather Discussions Extended

Speaking of Lightning Talks and Birds of a Feather Discussions, the Program Committee has extended the deadline for proposals for these until March 28, 2017. Both are intended to be more informal than traditional panels, and are meant to update the audience or provoke a discussion amongst fellow practitioners. If you have a project you have been working on, a kernel of an idea you’d like to get feedback on, or anything beyond and in-between please submit your proposals for either a lightning talk or birds-of-a-feather discussion here.


Sponsorship information

Finally, the Program Committee would like to thank our initial sponsors, Digital Intelligence and Digital Library Federation, whose generous support has helped to make the expanded 2017 BitCurator Users Forum possible. We are still seeking additional sponsors for the event, so if you are interested and would like to learn more please visit the Sponsorship section of the website.





Matthew Farrell

Digital Records Archivist

Duke University Archives

David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library


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