Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the NDSA coordinating committee and interest group chairs, I am happy to announce NDSA's support of Endangered Data Week and invite you to participate in next week's awareness activities. 

Endangered Data Week is a new, annual, grassroots effort to:

       raise awareness of threats to publicly available data of all kinds, across sectors and disciplines

-       provide opportunities to explore the power dynamics of data creation, sharing, privacy, and retention;

-       build community capacity by teaching ways to make #EndangeredData more accessible and secure.

Join us for an open call of the NDSA’s Standards and Practices working group on April 17, 1 PM ET!

( And browse for online events and opportunities near you: )      



Endangered Data Week is facilitated by a dedicated team of volunteers, including Brandon Locke and Jason A. Heppler, supported by the Digital Library Federation and in partnership with a new DLF interest group on Records Transparency/Accountability, led by Rachel Mattson. Additional supporters include DataRefugeMozilla Science Lab and CLIR.



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