Cal Poly implemented a system based on percent seating capacity of the
floor. It runs on our website ( and digital signage
alongside the realtime computer availability maps. It was developed over
time with analysis of Aruba wifi access point data against our slowest and
busiest times to provide baseline and max figures for what we now display
as percent occupancy.

The system was actually refined with Axis ceiling cameras over
ingress/egress points to floors via elevators & stairwells. Along with
Cognimatics software (TrueView Queue / People Counter / Occupancy) this
enabled a fairly accurate measurement of the number of persons on any given
floor against the seating capacity. Although the people-counting software
was not set up to *record* the video images it processed, the software did
enable a real-time view of a doorway to a sysadmin -- after a security
incident in the library, the system became caught up in a deeper legal
review as a possible workplace surveillance (sadface).

While that is happening we've downgraded back to the wifi AP data. My
awesome colleague Carl Hunt ([log in to unmask]) was the primary developer
of all of this.

On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 4:53 PM, Reiswig, Jennifer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi...
> Who out there is offering a real-time "find empty seats" type service for
> study space in their library buildings, using sensors/cameras/etc?  I've
> found several pilots, student projects etc., but I'm not finding a lot of
> in-production displays of this particular info.   Maybe y'all have it in an
> app?  I'm not looking for identifying open computers or bookable rooms,
> just open seats for study.
> Much obliged....
> Jenny Reiswig
> UC San Diego Library
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