Hi Josh,
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I'm really surprised to see the cost being the main factor. Alma and 
WMS, are not known to be cheap. For Alma, it's known to be very 
expensive in fact.

If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative, you should investigate 
Open Source. A solution like Koha + Coral + Ebsco EDS [*] is also cloud 
based, has most features you'll need, and we're working hard to "glue" 
all those tools in order to have them communicate fluently.

[*] EDS is not Open Source, I agree

PS: this email is not sales related, BibLibre is not doing business in 
US. If you want some names & emails, just ask [but you probably already 
know them]

Le 28/04/2017 à 17:56, Josh Welker a écrit :
> Hi Paul,
> We haven't chosen to leave III-Sierra, just exploring options. Cost is the
> main factor. Missouri public universities just got hit with massive budget
> cuts plus a big drop in international enrollment. The cost for Sierra keeps
> rising. Plus, Sierra seems heavily weighed down by legacy systems that
> prevent it from being able to do things newer systems can do. We are
> looking at Alma and WMS specifically because they are entirely cloud-based
> and redesigned from the ground up for modern workflows involving
> e-resources, knowledgebases, discovery, etc. From what I can tell, all the
> other products are a hodge-podge of traditional ILS systems plus add-ons
> for the e-resources stuff. (I think Sirsi Dynex is moving in the same
> direction as Alma and WMS but hasn't finished their next-gen product quite
> yet.) Being able to do everything in one system saves costs both in terms
> of subscriptions and labor.

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