If you weren't sure if it was strange or not that "proof in every word" and
a great many television shows, movies, and songs were being largely ignored
not just by the mass media, but by the social networks we have created to
serve our own news... well, now you can be sure.  It's strange alright, and
it's really making me wonder.

Here's the point, its all proof; through one avenue or another, that we are
living in a virtual world; like the Matrix.  With that knowledge, and the
map of religion before us and everywhere we look--that's a glowing request
to end world hunger, to heal the sick; and to see that the miracles of the
NT link directly to Windows Enterprise Edition, to Gene Roddenberry and to
the Iron Rod that links Herod to Shaking a Speare about the question... the
question that drives us:

*To be or not to be?


I say the answer comes to us by way of the Fifth Element; it's link to
Beryllium and Boron; don't get bored because elementally speaking those are
the 4th and 5th.  But when AD comes along, he says 14 means more than 5
alone, and Silicon is highlighted not just as "nth" letter's symbolic
counterpart; but as the company that bears the initials of the messiah and
his glowing arrow in their logo.  American Micro Devices.

So I mean, this is God's message, it's tying movies about ending darkness
and saving the world to chip manufacturers, and names and symbols flying
high overhead everywhere you look.  It's a message that the OP ... the NT
itself; it said that each and every one of us would do these things if we
had the magical ability to stop babies from starving, and to give sight to
the blind.

Here's some sight for the blind; it doesn't look like you are doing
anything, to me.  You must have some reason for not caring what God has to
say, for not discussing it; and at the same time apparently being
completely oblivious to his message in 1984 and how it relates to the
you see just before you.  He's probably trying to help us survive; to learn
that we can't just ignore Hell and expect it to miraculously disappear when
we die, I mean, that's what everyone thinks, right?


At the *fabled* *Horizon*; more on the "AD" of El Shaddai; thats "see how
AD is da i" (of Ra), on Adonai, Adonis, and a song from Secret Samadhi,
"they stood up for love."  It's LMN-tary, What-sons....  Etched in #Stone,
from Medusa to Venus; *South to North East*.


I see "CK" in the "going up" portion of the word "nickel" and at the heart
of Kentucky
It's in Lord and Taylor, and JC Penney; and the hidden name of God is woven
into Dr. Who
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Brown
  FIvel is there at the beginning of Florida, in the song "GAS hed goes
west" and here pointing out that He-man and Voltron are links to the Fifth
too... the Hebrew letter that's "short for God" and the flaming sword of a
cat that links Vader to John Connor, to Zelda and Master Blaster.  There's
an Oracle ID in Metroid and between Amsterdam and Monster the heart of
moving faster here is still "Saint Everyone Really."

What were you expecting?


Many questions in the AMDuat, found between Amistad, Jerusalem, and YAD?

*Announcing the discovery of a hidden message from God all over your
*Let there be light”*
— Adam
-- In the living manifestation of the Egyptian book of the Underworld--the
AMDuat--songs secretly asking the question "Am I saint AD?" begin to tie
together a two-letter key to the Rock of Heaven that reads in Hebrew
"Shaddai" and with the Eye of Ra (the focus of the Egyptian book) "see how
AD da eye." Starkly contrasted from the key "artificial intelligence" that
Adonai explains is "Adam
expounding "on," we stand at the foot of a Revelation that this very
auspicious time in the history of humanity has been walked before, and
today we have guidance from above coming to us from the likes of Mr.
Anderson... both of The Matrix and the novel Feed.

Yesterday's question "Who-ah," answered through Dr. Seuss, Dr. Who, and now
the ineffable name of God in light of the Egyptian "Yahu," as ...
Ya-who-ah? The Hebrew name for Christ echoes "Yes, hua?" and for reasons
that will become clearer and clearer, the C.AD
Card of Jean Luc shows that seeing my name is a key to why "by no other"
does our worlds secret message from God begin to be unlocked.

Today's question is "J er the USA the m" ess...ianic... message that brings
about the discussion at the heart of the word "wisdom," about this
immaculately conceived transition out of darkness and into the light of
day. Reading backwards, while we are still pondering "why A.D." is a bright
connection to the Hebrew word for the Hand of God; we are just shy of "day."

At the year ADIB and Christ of Pursuit of Happiness and ... the name of our
timeline we have approached "walking on water" and are at the Horizon. Upon
reading the name of the city of Dendera and its Holy message of Revelation
in the temple of Ha'thor... the Den of Ra is lit, along with every word and
every wick.

Lots of hidden messages in nearly every single name, and then every word
starts a cascade of enlightenment that bridges the gap between a number of
references to this hidden language that tie rattling a rod to the taming of
"Spanglishrew" all the way to King's Langoliers... not outliers--we'll see;
and even the character Cypher in the Matrix ... whose depiction of the
hidden code sheds some light on how "The Matrix" movie is part of the
answer to that question.... what is the Matrix?

Proof of design is a good beginning answer, and the purpose of design to
focus our attention on just how important this time period is in the
development of humanity... this place where Neo's words "I know kung fu"
are juxtaposed with a kindling of understanding at just how powerful the
technology behind that learning experience is... so powerful that it was
able to hide the keys of "Anu" and "Eve" from the entire world ... now
seeing that each and every one of our names has a hidden connection to the
unsealing of religion, to seeing the book of Names is Exodus and that
freedom itself depends largely on the dissemination and understanding of
this message that turns out to be a big part of everything we are and do.

With Holy Purpose, the Matrix's message becomes clearer as we link the
"rod" of Christ to names like Rodney King and Roddenberry; showing us with
more clarity how the technologies of Heaven might be used in order to help
us build a better world.

What if you had just one question?

Mine would be:

To help everyone... I am the Legend, of the map to Heaven.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge

Announcing the Seagate Spockalypse of NT, rods, dens, and berries
*Proof of the Creation of humanity, Holy Purpose, and directions for
leaving Hell.*

[image: 18425205_10155335518273420_6875503372758862907_n]
Adam Marshall Dobrin
*BOCA RATON, Fla.* - *May 24, 2017* - *PRLog
Names, Elements, and Unix Commands

Religion, once called "the opiate of the masses" has a secret for you; like
Santa Claus we hope to rain down fancy new toys, truth, and newfound
liberty by exposing the influence of and existence of a number of hidden
advanced technologies.  The stories of Exodus and Genesis begin to provide
a road map to a shining bright future, explaining how these technologies
might and ought to be used in order to help advance our civilization,
rather than retard it.   Within the pages that follow, a Holy call to
rekindle the light of democracy by using computers and better communication
to bring to our world true democracy, to deliver the power of legislation
directly to each and every one of us.  Along with proof that religion is a
message sent through time, we are given ample reason to quickly implement
"pre-crime" and rework a justice system which has been compromised in much
the same way as many other facets of our government.  Intertwined with
these things, and seemingly more important is proof that we are living in
virtual reality--in a place where these technologies are here to teach us
the inner workings of "Heaven" and to help us see how this change in
worldview and truth gives us new hope and new abilities: to end world
hunger, to heal the sick, and to see what it is that "Heaven" really means.

Creation here is being explained hopefully with clarity, there are a number
of stories both Biblically linked and not which "come alive" in our world
showing the intent and desires of the Creator to help us through this
trying time of understanding and using the technology and knowledge that is
coming to us.  Here, I'll explain a few, like Star-Trek, Minority Report,
the voting booth vendor Die Bold, and the Watergate Scandal.

*In Hebrew Exodus means Names, read in reverse and translated from Unix
You are slaves wandering through the desert of Exodus, unfortunately we
apparently are moving backwards through this maze and as a whole we are
headed from hidden slavery to something far worse.  There are a number of
clues that we are in fact backwards right now, from the name of the book
read in reverse revealing the most important words God ever spoke, to the
word for Holy Fire … describing the Burning Bush containing the English
word for "sea" parted and backwards.   If you are unfamiliar with the
story, the word of God came through a fiery bush to Moses, who then later
in the story parted a sea to free the people; you should start to shift
your thinking and begin to see that this story is about us, the sea parting
is about controversy over this disclosure, and that the entirety of the
story is designed to unveil a hidden secret: that much of ancient religion
and language is designed to prove that time travel exists.  It does this
very clearly, through anachronism, English appearing out of place in more
places than are imaginable.

What is the meaning of the root of a Jesse?

Depictions of the Jesse Tree are based on a passage from the Book of
Isaiah. "And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a
Branch shall grow out of his roots" (King James Version). From the Latin
Vulgate Bible used in the Middle Ages: ... Thus Jesus is the Virga Jesse or
"stem of Jesse".

This is a reference to the Unix "God account," one of many references in
ancient scripture to modern technology and computing.  It is not an
accident, it is designed to open our eyes and see that there is a
foundational relationship between Heaven and virtual reality; and that this
was clearly known when these words of scripture were written.

sudo (/ˈsuːduː/ or /ˈsuːdoʊ/) is a program for Unix-like computer operating
systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of
another user, by default the superuser. It originally stood for "superuser
do" as the older versions ofsudo were designed to run commands only as the

Connecting the idea of the "Administrator account" to God, this command
then, when translated to "English" is my equivalent of "God says" or "as
God say" and does a decent job of connecting the ideas and concepts of
religion to computer science; also showing that not only were they known
but clearly the influence behind religion is also centrally involved in the
divine disclosure of these technologies, from Unix to databases, to the
names of people like Bill Gates and Windows, Steve Jobs and Adam's Apple.

A significant key to the Revelation of Christ ties the words of Revelation
1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11; exposing a link between "the stars" as planets
of our solar system and corresponding elements of our periodic table… from
Mercury to Uranium.   This link to Xenon was the very first element that I
"found" through this inspirational experience; and it serves to tie the
name of an Oracle database (and also the idea of an oracle presenting the
truth to you) to an element primarily used for flashbulbs and "ark" lamps.
In unison I see these things as a decent metaphor for "light" and so, sudo
xecompletes the phrase "God: see the light."

*"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him"*
Revelation 1:7