The Software Preservation Network
<> (SPN) Research Working Group
is seeking volunteers to join our team for our next exciting project --
building a Research Toolkit using the Open Science Framework

We aim to address gaps in the research landscape by developing a Research
Toolkit, a set of templates that individuals can use to gather data about
software preservation and curation in their local organization or
community. The individuals will be encouraged to contribute their data back
to the SPN Research Working Group, and the Working Group will analyze the
data in aggregate and attempt to map the landscape of software preservation
and curation over time.

The Research Working Group is looking for additional members. Expected time
commitment would be approximately one hour per week for 3, 6, or 12 months.
If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out this quick form to let
us know:

More info about SPN and the Research Working Group:

Preserving software is a prerequisite for preserving and providing access
to digital cultural heritage and research, and software is increasingly
considered a research product or artifact in itself. In support of the Software
Preservation Network’s (SPN) <>
mission to preserve software through community engagement, infrastructure
support, and knowledge generation, the SPN Research Working Group
spearheads collaborative efforts to collect, analyze, and distribute
information about software preservation. The Working Group facilitates
research projects that bring individuals with diverse perspectives and
interests together to document and analyze the landscape of software
preservation and access. In the course of its work, the Working Group aims
to explore frameworks for sustainable, transparent, community-based
research and to advocate for innovative models of research that accelerates


Wendy, on behalf of the SPN Research Working Group