Dear all — a reminder from the organizers of our DLF Government Records Transparency and Accountability group about tomorrow’s regularly-scheduled meeting. All are welcome to join — both the call and the group! Learn more: — Bethany 

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From: Rachel Mattson  
Subject: DLF Records/Transparency Interest Group - Mid-August News
Date: August 17, 2017 at 1:27:47 PM EDT
To: "DLF Records Transparency/Accountability Interest Group" <[log in to unmask]>

Hello friends -

I hope you're all managing to find meaningful pockets of action & self-care thesedays.

Our next meeting is fast approaching: it will be held tomorrow, Friday August 17 from 1-2 EDT. (It'll be facilitated by me and Brandon Locke.) Join online (use Firefox or Chrome for VOIP) and/or by telephone: 202-750-4186.  

On the agenda for tomorrow's meeting:

REMINDER: If you haven't yet replied to our SURVEY  please do so as soon as you are able! (Details about the survey and its purposes, below.)

See you tomorrow, I hope.




As we begin to plan for the coming year, we think it would be useful to begin to develop stronger connections between members of this interest group. That is to say, we want to support efforts to get to know each other and outline shared values and directions despite our geographic distance.

To this end, a team of facilitators (Rachel Mattson, Brandon Locke, and Purdom Lindblad) propose that we spend some time in the coming months engaging in a series of one-one one conversations among participants in this group. We are hoping that these conversations will create a strong foundation for our group to expand and develop. We imagine these conversations as a way of beginning to approach three initial goals (and to identify additional goals):

  • To build a shared vocabulary.
  • To begin a process of developing stronger connections between members of this interest group - and supporting more intra-group conversation and collaboration.  
  • To create an action plan for the group’s future work.

We want to underscore that this is the first stage; we imagine these conversations as iterative and open to group recommendations.

How can you participate? Just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Complete survey form (before September 5).
To begin, we invite you to complete a survey about what motivates you to participate in this group, what issues are of greatest concern to you, what practices you wish to share or to develop, and so on. We ask you to complete the form by the first week in September. Your responses will be sent to the group’s facilitators and also emailed back to you in order to help prompt reflection in paired conversations.

  1. Meet with your partner (sometime before October 5).
After individual surveys are completed, participating members will be matched to another person in the group. Once you have the name of your partner, you should reach out to them via email to set time and platform for shared discussion. We will provide prompts to get you started, but feel free to expand on those prompts. You may use whatever platform you prefer - e.g. email, Skype, or telephone.

For your conversation:
    1. Be sure to keep notes so that you can share back with large group later.
    2. Reserve a minimum of 30 minutes for this conversation. But feel free to decide together to extend that time. Be sure to clearly indicate your time constraints to your partner to avoid confusion.

Subsequently, participants will have the opportunity to share the results of their one-on-one conversations with the larger group. We will use these reflections to develop a shared set of principles and/or an action plan for the coming year.

Dr. Rachel Mattson
Manager of Special Projects,
La MaMa Archives

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