Now that the Fiscal Continuity IG's report [1] is finalized except for any
errata that may trickle in, we'd like to proceed with calling the vote.

Taking up a suggestion Eric Hellman made in July, a draft of the ballot we
propose to put in the Diebold-o-tron is available here:

Pull requests are welcome if folks wish to suggest or discuss modifications
to the ballot and voting process we're proposing; we can of course also
discuss here, though I suggest that if there ends up being a lot of mailing
list discussion about the ballot, we try to keep on a thread distinct from
substantive discussion of the report and the options it presents.

We suggest that voting start on 2 October and close on 30 October.

The voting period is a time for open discussion, debate, and community
analysis of the information presented in the FCIG Report. If you have any
questions about the FCIG report, this ballot, or any of the options
provided, please ask your questions on the Code4Lib listserv so that the
community can discuss them and so that previous conference volunteers, FCIG
members, and potential fiscal sponsors can provide more details as needed.

[1] and


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