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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation<> has awarded a research grant to the California Digital Library<> and Code for Science & Society<> (CSS) for the Dat-in-the-Lab project to develop practical new techniques for effective data management in the academic research environment.

The project will pilot the use of CSS’s Dat<> system to streamline data preservation, publication, sharing, and reuse in two UC research laboratories: the Evolution: Ecology, Environment<> lab at UC Merced<>, focused on basic ecological and evolutionary research under the direction of Michael Dawson<>; and the Center for Watershed Sciences<> at UC Davis, dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of water challenges.  UC researchers are increasingly faced with demands for proactive and sustainable management of their research data with respect to funder mandates, publication requirements, institutional policies, and evolving norms of scholarly best practice.  With the support of the UC Davis<> and UC Merced<> Libraries, the project team will conduct a series of site visits to the two UC labs in order to create, deploy, evaluate, and refactor Dat-based data management solutions built for real-world data collection and management contexts, along with outreach and training materials that can be repurposed for wider UC or non-UC use.

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In addition, you can bookmark Dat-in-the-L<>ab<> on GitHub for access to code, curricula, and other project outputs.  Also follow along as the project evolves on our roadmap<>, chat<> with the project team, and keep up to date through the project Twitter<> feed.  For more information about UC3, contact us at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> and follow us on Twitter<>.