Thanks. I think I'm going to try using CERMINE.
Don't know how ambitious that might be.


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Hi, Cindy, 

Are these names on a separated page? If so, you can have a PDF library (I recommend iText or FoxIt SDKs) to do so. You need to write a program to remove that page after receiving the online submission.


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    Hi - We were discussing getting some input from our professors to participate in a study of works cited in student papers.  We would want the instructors to submit the PDFs, but we want names removed, and only want the bibliography pages.  Has anyone else thought of creating an online submission app that would do this, strip off the cover pages and body and leave you only with the Works Cited or Bibliography or pages that look formatted like a bibliography at the end?  Do you know of an app that could easily be adapted to this purpose?
    Cindy Harper
    Virginia Theological Seminary