Hi Eric,

We also have a series of scripts that we use with the Internet Archive API: Namely, to watch an IA collection, download new items and process them based on a table of contents.

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] internet archive api

Is there an Internet Archive API that will allow me to get the contents of a collection as a stream of data and not as a stream of HTML.

A cool collection of early English print materials is available at the following URL:

Each item is associated with an Internet Archive identifier. If I were able to easily extract these identifiers, then I would be more easily able to provide services based on the collection. But Iím lazy. I donít want to read the HTML and scrape it accordingly. Ick! Iíd rather be given the list of bibliographics in a more computer-friendly way.

Again, can I programmatically read the contents of a Internet Archive collection?

Eric Morgan