It feels like summer’s over in so many ways this week, and I’m sad to see it go. I haven’t gotten my fill of sunshine and fresh vegetables and evening strolls in the fresh air! I’m feeling a bit desperate for more. 

How desperate, you ask? This morning, as I was reading through a local agriculture newsletter, I actually clicked on a link to information about a year-long farmer training program in Maryland. And read it all the way through. And then bookmarked it, for someday. Luckily, the state fair is happening this weekend, so I’ll be able to go get my fix of nature there. 

But Labor Day weekend isn’t all about endings, of course—it also marks one year since Katherine and I started at DLF. One year! I have learned so. much. And have sent so many random, rambling emails. :) 

I suppose I should wrap up this week’s ramble. Here are a few job opportunities for you:
Best of luck to the job-seekers out there! To find past opportunities or post a new job (free for affiliates from DLF member institutions!) go to or search #DLFjobs on Twitter.

Hope everyone has a restful long weekend. 


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