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Good questions. Auburn University is a member of two Community LOCKSS Networks (CLNs): the MetaArchive Cooperative, which has been in operation since 2003-2004, and the Alabama Digital Preservation Network (ADPNet), which has been in operation since 2006-2007. You can find information about both networks, including governance documents and membership levels, at http://www.metaarchive.org/ and http://adpn.org respectively. Furthermore, there are three MetaArchive member institutions in Massachusetts, two of them in your neck of the woods: Williams College, Boston College, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. I’m sure your Bay State colleagues would be happy to talk with you about this approach to digital preservation. So would I—feel free to get in touch off-list. FWIW, CLNs typically maintain 5+ copies of digital content in geographically distributed locations.


We don’t use Glacier currently at Auburn, but have talked about finding a suitable test case for it (e.g. to get an idea of its capabilities and costs).


There have been suggestions for updating/expanding the NDSA Levels—see, for example, https://blogs.loc.gov/thesignal/2016/04/expanding-ndsa-levels-of-preservation/ from 2016.






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Apologies for posting this again, as I just noticed the subject line was missing...my original post was rejected and in the repost it seems I forgot it.  Many thanks to those who have already answered this question, your thoughts and info are much appreciated!



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Hello all,


Apologies for cross posting.


We are in the early stages of moving towards better digital preservation, and have a couple of questions.  We are hoping to move to Preservica or another tool in the next year or two, so we are working on measures to get us in good standing until that happens.


We are using the NDSA Levels of Preservation tool, trying to fully comply with Level 1, and wonder if using Glacier counts as: 2 complete copies that are not collocated. 


Half of us think yes, the others no.


A colleague pointed out that the NDSA Levels were a few years old now, and maybe did not reflect using the cloud for preservation.  Does anyone know if this document will be updated in the future?


I would love to hear from others who are doing DIY preservation, using Glacier (or not), and your thoughts, recommendations, or cautionary tales. 





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