*The fiscal continuity vote closes Friday.* *Please vote!* See below for
Galen's message, full of useful information. Here is the FCIG report
<>, and here is where the voting is
happening <>.

We have 228 votes, as of the last time I checked, a few minutes ago. As a
reminder: I will be very sad and feel very disappointed in all of us if we
don't get at least 500 votes. *Please vote!*

To be clear: presently, there is no minimum number of votes, for us to
consider the outcome of this election to be the will of the community; 500
is my own "I will not feel shamed by lack of participation" line, and it is
fairly arbitrary. I don't know what number will make other people happy,
but I hope we reach that number, if we haven't already. Speaking for
myself, *even if we don't get a single vote more*, I will advocate *very
hard* for the outcome of this election to be treated as a binding decision
by our community, because this conversation/process has taken more than 16
months and countless hours of work and thought; and several other
organizations have donated time and work and thought, in answering our long
list of questions for potential fiscal sponsors. (To be clear, I am
speaking for myself, not for the whole FCIG, always.)

If your vote is for "do nothing/keep the status quo," then you need to go
make that vote, rather than expecting us to throw out this election just
because fewer than 3500 people have participated in it. If your vote is
anything besides that status quo, you *also* need to go make that vote,
because I just told the status quo voters to vote. ;) No matter what you
feel is the right decision, *please*, go make your voice heard, so that we
don't have to spend November fighting about whether or not this election is
representative. Please.

This is very likely to be the last reminder--certainly, it's the last *I* plan
to send. Please don't put off voting, in hopes that more reminders are
forthcoming; go vote now, *please*, if you haven't already. And if you have
already voted, thank you!


On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 5:49 PM, Galen Charlton <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi,
> Voting for the various options presented in the report [1] of the
> Fiscal Continuity Interest Group is now open:
> Because of a delay on my end getting the ballot set up, the voting
> period is extended and will close at midnight ET on Friday, 3 November
> 2017.
> As noted in the survey, the purpose of this vote is to determine the
> will of the Code4Lib community as it relates to ongoing fiscal
> continuity of our annual conferences, journal, and other undertakings.
> The options referenced in the two questions on the ballot are detailed
> in the report.
> The vote will use score voting (similar to Diebold-o-tron votes for
> conference locations and presentations) which allows for awarding
> scores to each choice on the ballot to reflect the strength of voters’
> preferences among all available options. More info on the rationale
> for score voting is available here:
> The SurveyMonkey survey does not collect names or contact information
> but will collect IP addresses, which the FCIG will ignore unless we
> have reason to suspect that zoia and all of zoia's robot friends have
> decided to participate in the vote. (Or, to express it more seriously,
> we have reason to believe that something unexpected has happened and
> automated voting or other shenanigans took place.)  Early in the week
> following the closing of the vote, the FCIG will calculate and publish
> the results; the responses, sans IP addresses, will also be made
> available should anyone wish to double-check our arithmetic.
> Please note that unlike the Diebold-o-tron, SurveyMonkey provides no
> way for you to go back and edit your response if you should change
> your mind after submitting it.
> We encourage everybody who has participated or plans to participate in
> Code4Lib activities and/or who consider themselves a member of the
> Code4Lib community to read the report, discuss it, and vote.
> [1]
> Regards,
> Galen
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