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This is an update from the DLF Working Group on Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums and an overview of labor-related activities which will be occurring at the DLF Forum in Pittsburgh next week, both under the group's auspices and separately. We invite you to join us and consider how you might use the working group to undertake your own labor-related projects. Just as the DLF offered us the space to use its organization as a place to do this work, this is your Working Group. If a few of you want to use it as a space to write a manifesto for sustainable DH or a guide to unionizing or whatever you want to see happening now that isn't yet happening--whether you're able to attend the Forum or not, please use this space to make that happen.

If you would like to join the WG, read about its formation, or catch up on minutes, our wiki has the relevant links:

Our events are:

Tuesday, 10am: Valuing Labor in Digital Libraries

The undervaluing of library labor is often framed as an individual concern or complaint, but concerted action is required at the organizational level to build and maintain long-term programs foregrounding labor in digital libraries. A panel discussion hosted by the DLF Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums Working Group.

Wednesday, 8am: Labor WG breakfast

We'll leave some time at the beginning of the breakfast for people to get food and start getting their coffee. Then we'll have subgroup updates, an update on the grant-funded positions work, and time for open conversations & what you want to see done. It'll be early, but bring your ideas, hopes, daydreams, we want to hear them all! We're hoping it'll be a chance for you to bring ideas and for people who aren't yet a part of the group to learn about what it does and see if they want to be a part of it.

Further events which address labor include:

    #m1a: Labor+
    #m3a: Scholarship+
    #m4c: Funding Possibilities: Programs, Priorities, and Trends
    #m5d: Community+
    #t1a: Digital Library Assessment: Leveraging Infrastructure to Support Community Practice
    #t3c: How to Build a 3D Imaging Program: An Overview of Technology, Skills, and Labor
    #t3e: Outreach+
    #t6b: Community History and Public Work: New Voices in Digital Libraries
    #t7c: Service Management - Sharing Experiences and Defining a Community of Practice

On behalf of the co-facilitators,
Ruth Tillman

Sandy Rodriguez, co-facilitator, Contingency/Precarity
Amy Wickener, co-facilitator, Valuing Labor
Melissa Chalmers, co-facilitator, Valuing Labor

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