Please join the DLF Digital Library Pedagogy Group (aka #DLFteach) for several pedagogy-related sessions at the DLF Forum next week. The Forum is a great time to meet our members and find out more about what we do. We also invite new projects, new leaders, and new ideas, so please let us know how we can make this group work for you. For more information, see our wiki and join our Google Group.

Monday, 1:30pm-3:30pm:
#m3e: Constructing Digital Praxis: Pedagogy for Digital Collections

In this workshop, participants will practice digital library pedagogy by collaboratively creating assignments for finding, evaluating, and reusing digital sources. An updated iteration of last year’s #DLFteach workshop, it bridges the gap between instruction and digital scholarship librarians by modeling modes for applying existing skillsets to digital library pedagogy.

Tuesday, 8am-8:55am:
#t0e: working breakfast: Digital Library Pedagogy

Come hear brief updates about the #DLFteach group’s work and join the discussion around digital library pedagogy! We’ll mirror our Slack office hours format, with time to ask for feedback, discuss best practice, and more. Participants may wish to bring their existing lesson plans or assignments for peer-review and feedback.

Some other DLF events related to digital pedagogy are...
#m1a: Labor+
#m3a: Scholarship+
#t2d: Publishing+
#t7a: Pedagogy+ (including "Exploring How and Why Digital Humanities is Taught in Libraries" with #DLFteach's Jessica Otis)
#t5c: Text+

(and thank you to the Working Group on Labor in Digital LAM for inspiring this email)

Elizabeth Kelly, C.A., D.A.S.
Digital Programs Coordinator
Monroe Library 332
Loyola University, New Orleans

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