Thanks for the replies Kyle and Steve. To answer your questions: 

Currently we have a physical server on our network that we use as shared storage, digital historical archive, and a platform for staff collaboration. The problem is that it’s a clunky system, it’s aging, it needs to be replaced, and we’re running out of space – a problem that’s only going to increase. What we would like is to move to a cloud-based storage with more space and better dedicated resources than we can afford if we had to buy them outright and house them in our facility. Our concerns are cost, migrating the data, having access on- and offline, mobile access, security, reliable storage, and the ability to share and collaborate.   I am working in a PC environment and most of the staff is comfortable using Office software so having built-in productivity apps right now is not a pressing concern. However, if possible, we are interested in a service with integrated productivity software available anywhere and on any device; streamlining workflow is one of our goals.



Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2017 13:05:34 -0400
From:    Virgil Fuller <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Cloud options

Hi Everyone


We've been researching cloud options at our public library and we think one
of these three would best fit our needs:


Google Cloud <> 

Office 365

Egnyte <> 


We have a few questions before we move any further:


1)      Is there one that you prefer and/or used?

2)       Would it be straight forward to migrate our server data to any of
these platforms?

3)      We've read that some services charge per item, which leads to the
bigger question, how do we get billed and would it be cost effective to do
away with the on site server?


I would like to point out that our ILS is hosted elsewhere and not getting
moved to any of these. We would be using whatever service we go with mainly
for shared document access among staff and for storing computer backups. 


Thanks in advance! 



Virgil Fuller

Reference and Historical Collection Librarian 

Rockingham Free Public Library

65 Westminster St

Bellows Falls, VT 05101





Date:    Tue, 31 Oct 2017 10:27:57 -0700
From:    Kyle Banerjee <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Re: Cloud options

Howdy Virgil,

What you need your solution to do -- i.e. what do you/will you have, what
do people need to be able to do, what kind of integrations you need, what
kind of local expertise you have, and long term objectives -- should drive
your decision. Could you say more about your needs?


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Subject: Re: Cloud options

What exactly do you mean by "cloud options"?  The three that you mention are for very different purposes.  What do you want to use the cloud service for?  That is the first thing to figure out.

					Steve McDonald
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