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*Engineering Access Under the Hood, Part Two:  Enhancing & Harmonizing
Metadata for Discovery & Use*

*Date and Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
(Eastern Time) *

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Who is speaking in the November 15 segment? What will they be addressing?

*Eliminating Conflicts in Ebook Metadata Patricia Payton*, *Senior Manager,
Provider Relations, Proquest/Bowker*

Harmonizing and enhancing ebook and print metadata is a focus for many
publishers, yet there is still work to be done and variations may occur,
including sales rights, publication dates, and pricing. Learn to avoid
ebook metadata pitfalls by understanding how recipients read and interpret
your data. Also learn how NISO is bringing publishers and librarians
together to set best practices for key ebook metadata points.

*Conglomerating and Collocating Collections without Convoluted Concoction
Scott Anderson*, *Associate Professor & Information Systems Librarian,
Millersville University*

Scott Anderson will discuss how Millersville University is working with
several vendor partners (Atlas Systems,  EBSCO, TIND) to inject local and
special collections content into its discovery service and expose those
collections to the open web via linked data. The idea is to use as much of
the same workflow as possible to harvest from finding aids, repositories,
and local catalog(s) into MARC-defined elements. These will be transformed
into linked data for the open web and associated applications, ingest into
other local services, and perhaps collocated with identified subscription

*Manipulating Metadata to Enhance Access*
*Marilyn White*, *E-Resource Librarian, **Briget Wynne,** Reference and
Interlibrary Loan Librarian, **and* *Katelynd Bucher, **Metadata Librarian,
Research Library Group, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)*

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Research Library
is a federal library located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The NIST Research
Library’s mission is to support and enhance the research activities of the
NIST scientific and technological community through a comprehensive program
of knowledge management.

To fulfill this mission, the Library makes proprietary databases, journals
and e-books available to its researchers. In addition, the Library makes
agency content such as the NIST Digital Archives (NDA), oral histories,
photo collections, NIST Museum objects, and NIST authored technical
publications available to the public. The Library also supports the
publication and digitization of the agency’s *Journal of Research of NIST*
and NIST Technical Series reports.
This presentation will discuss how advances in the technological landscape
and user behavior have influenced changes in the Library over a period of
25 years and how we have arrived at our current hybrid configuration. We
will also look at the decisions and challenges we face in making our
systems compatible and how we have created uniformity in our metadata in
order to disseminate our content across multiple platforms. We will give an
overview of our current environment as well as discuss specific metadata
tools and processes we used to achieve our goals.

The Library has content housed in a variety of platforms such as: Govinfo,
Internet Archive, our agency repository (NIST Digital Archive), and our own
publication servers at the agency; we also register our DOIs with CrossRef.
In addition, we are now depositing our NIST-authored, externally reviewed
content with PubMed Central. All these entities require unique metadata
formats. We have also launched a discovery layer, which acts as a single
search mechanism on campus, using which researchers can access all our
proprietary content and agency publications. We’ll discuss how we corralled
all our metadata, created consistencies across platforms, and made our
discovery layer work within the confines of our hybrid system.

Because of our efforts, we anticipate increased discovery and use of our
proprietary resources and agency publications. We hope to see an increased
impact through frequent citing of NIST authored content, which will raise
the agency’s profile in the scientific community.


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