NISO Virtual Conference

Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Advancing Altmetrics: Best Practices and Emerging Ideas


This is an active area for a variety of reasons. There is an ongoing need to justify the work, space and resources invested in the library. How best to appropriately generate, synthesize, interpret, and deliver the most useful data to demonstrate the return on investment made by the institution is a pressing concern. What do we know to be best practices for using altmetrics in assessment? How comfortable are faculty with the use of altmetrics in the context of tenure and promotion activities?  


NISO’s related working group has built a better understanding of use cases for existing altmetrics, but already there are discussions on whether new metrics might be usefully framed for measuring research impact outside of the academic environment or for capturing the value of unconventional outputs of research.


Will views and downloads usage indicators be sufficient to evaluate the usefulness of data sets? What examples might be provided by studies of COUNTER, SUSHI, and SUSHI Lite? What alternative approaches might be needed or fostered in order to ensure the discoverability, usability, and reproducibility of scientific data sets?


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