Registration for the first of two CS3DP (Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation) forum events is open!  The registration form is HERE.

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CS3DP Forum 1, hosted by Washington University in St. Louis, will take place February 5th, 6th, and a half-day on the 7th 2018.  The meeting will bring together librarians, curators, faculty, students and other professionals from the United States and abroad to work toward development of standards for 3D data preservation. This kick-off event will include presentations by expert panelists, group discussions, poster presentations, and the formation of project working groups.  Additional information about the event can be found on the event website and on the project wiki.  

Registration is $50 for professionals and $20 for students.

Scholarships are available for students and those with financial need.  Scholarship applicants should use this form to apply.


We encourage you to register soon, space is limited.

Note: Invited speakers will be registered automatically.


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CS3DP Abstract:

To meet the pressing need for nationally-shared resources for the preservation and management of collections of digital 3D data, the Washington University Libraries, in collaboration with the University of Iowa Libraries and the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology, seek $99,960 to hold a set of National Forums, titled Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP), to bring together a broad community of stakeholders to work toward establishing standards, practices and technologies for 3D data preservation, documentation and dissemination. 


3D digitization is frequently used for preserving and sharing reproductions of endangered or rare physical objects. Creating and capturing digital 3D data is labor, skill and time intensive. While there are many resources for learning how to create and work with digital 3D data, resources relating to preservation are lacking. Existing minimal and piecemeal guidance is not comprehensive or flexible enough for general adoption. While such guidelines provide some vague direction, institutions are left filling in the gaps with ad-hoc, localized solutions. Local solutions can create barriers to effective data sharing and may make large-scale, national or international data aggregation and cooperative projects difficult. In a recent survey conducted by the project team, responses from over 100 members of the 3D digitization and data curation communities revealed a virtually universal desire for shared national standards and a high level of interest in participating in developing such standards. 


The ultimate project goal is the development and adoption of standards for digital 3D data preservation through the establishment and facilitation an ongoing, organized community of practice. The national forums will lay the foundation for this effort. We propose two 2 day forums bringing together a diverse group of about 70 stakeholders, the first to take place at Washington University in St. Louis in January 2018 and the second at the University of Michigan in July 2018. The format will include expert presentations, discussions and collaborative work. We would assemble multiple working groups at the first forum to meet regularly and develop reports on key issues for presentation and discussion at the second forum. Outcomes from the CS3DP project include: 1) a community developed plan to move 3D preservation forward; 2) recommendations for data standards and best practices; 3) a report to be disseminated through IMLS and among communities engaged in 3D research and/or data preservation and curation via institutional repositories; 4) a plan for funding to move the project forward as needed; and 5) publications, conference presentations and listservs. 


The project team includes PI Jennifer Moore, GIS & Data Project Manager and Anthropology Librarian, Washington University in St. Louis, and Lead Partners: Hannah Scates Kettler, Digital Humanities Research & Instruction Librarian, University of Iowa; and Adam Rountrey, Research Museum Collection Manager, University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology



Hannah Scates Kettler

Digital Humanities Librarian

Digitial Scholarship & Publishing Studio | University of Iowa Libraries

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