Hi everyone,

I want to help people easily use web APIs to enhance their library websites
and/or research guides. So, I made a site that has copy/pasteable code
along with instructions on how to implement it (like what exactly to change
in the code to make it work with their libguides system, for example).

It's a project in ongoing development and I wanted to share it with you all
     * You're nifty
     * Some (hopefully many!) of you might be interested in using some of
my code
     * Some of you might be interested in contributing new pieces to the

Currently I have implementations for various Springshare products,, and a variety of collections from the Internet Archive. I have
plans on making things for the New York Times, Wordnik, OCLC, and
Chronicling America (from LOC).

Would love to hear comments. I hope you like it.


Brad Coffield, MLIS
Assistant Information and Web Services Librarian
Saint Francis University
814-472-3315 <(814)%20472-3315>
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