*~apologies for cross-posting~Happy Holiday season everyone! We’re thrilled
to announce the launch of our podcast about the intersections of art,
feminism and the internet: </Rant> . *

*Episode #2 features a group of badass librarians. We talked with Jenny
Amanda Meeks
and Kai Alexis Smith
about information activism, wishing Twitter was your boyfriend and the
unbearable whiteness of librarianship:
<>Over the
past four years, we’ve met a lot of amazing people doing important work and
we wanted to give them a chance to highlight their intersectional feminist
work on the internet.  Join us as we get really real about what it means to
be a woman online and stay tuned to hear from more amazing activists,
artists, librarians and organizers over the six pilot episodes.All best
wishes,Siân Evans, co-founder of Art+Feminism*

Siân Evans, MA, MLS
Information Literacy & Instructional Design Librarian
Decker Library, Maryland Institute College of Art
1300 West Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

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