We're wondering if anyone has experience, and documentation, with the Primo API. We have so far developed with the Alma API and other APIs so I'm not asking about API GET/POST/PUT requests or CURL. However, since the Primo API for some of the search is listed as "Under Construction" it is harder to work our way around what we should expect for received data.

We submitted a support case for some help from Ex Libris, but if anyone has a repository, or some docs that would help. We're basically trying to do regular search queries, like feed q=any,contains,immortality%20kundera (see below)

We saw in the Code4Lib archive that the Primo API was IP restricted back in 2014, but was wondering if that is still the case.

Submitted to Ex Libris Sales Force

Case Title: API for Primo - known item searches
We need help getting a functioning query with the Primo API. Our use case is that we are working with a company to develop a chatbot which can take a natural language query, get a list of results from Primo via API (using author or title search), and check our holdings and availability and let the user know if it is available and make a request. The second part seems to be accomplished via the Bibs API, but getting the MMS IDs of a set of results from a Primo search seems to require the Primo API. We have not been able to get results from our test queries.

We have the API key set up for our API application StthomasAI with permissions to use the Primo Search (under const.) API. We have tried using both Brief Search and Delivery Service Search but are not having luck.

For example:[*************]



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