You might be interested in the Library Communication Framework (LCF)  "The LCF framework has been developed with the active participation of leading LMS and RFID developers".

"a set of library interoperability standards which defines a framework for the communication of data between self-service and other library terminal applications  to and from library management systems.This LCF standard is recommended by BIC as the best way to implement communications between systems within a library, for example between a Library Management System (LMS/ILS) and an RFID Self-Service Solution. There are various communication standards in use in the market in the UK and elsewhere including versions of SIP (Standard Interface Protocol). LCF supports the functionality in these standards but is also a framework seeking to enable systems developers to use and develop a common set of principles, variables and values to enable other standards to be developed".


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Hi Daniel,

Have you had any luck with a sip2 testing tool? This will be a good control
to connect to your sip2 server port, before you start testing your
python/php tool. This testing tool was useful for us at Miami University
Libraries when we were setting up our open source sip2 self checkout. Here
is the link to the sip2 testing tool we used from the Central Library

Craig Boman

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 4:52 PM, Daniel Messer <[log in to unmask]>

> Hello, List!
> I working on a project where I'd like to use Polaris SIP to check in an
> item. Basically, I'd like to have the front end UI of my project take an
> item, or a list of items, from a user and then run it through check in.
> There doesn't need to be any real UI for the process itself, it can happen
> completely in the background and simply alert the user that the items have
> been checked in. My problem is that I've never written code targeting SIP2
> in general and Polaris SIP2 specifically. I'm somewhat useful in PHP and
> Python so I've been experimenting with some projects on those areas, namely:
> *       SIP2PHP -
> *       PySIP2 -
> In the end, I could use either because I can make the project work in PHP
> or Python and it really doesn't matter which language I use. But using this
> code, I'm simply unable to get anything useful out of Polaris ILS. SIP2PHP
> seems to connect, but nothing happens and PySIP2 connects but seems to
> utterly fail on login, crashing out of Python completely.
> Has anyone out there written code targeting Polaris' SIP service and made
> it work? I can go into more detail if needed, but right now, my problems
> lie more in just getting the thing to connect, let alone sending it a
> checkin command.
> Thanks so much!
> ~Dan!
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