Tom Hutchinson writes

> To me open transparent governance is important which makes me quite
> interested in Debian.

  I have been running that o/s pretty much since its inception. I
  run the testing version both on the laptop and on my servers. I
  may thus use the laptop as a testing environment. If you work
  with Debian, my advice is to stick as much as you can to the
  official repositories, avoiding third-party supported one like
  there are, say, for mariadb or mongo, or debian-multimedia etc.
  Running Debian on a laptop was courageous say 10 years ago but
  these days the installation is a breeze on the laptops that I can

> Plus I see a lot of shops spending so much time setting up their
> infrastructure and keeping it running, it's not clear that they are
> actually gaining anything.

  Could not agree more. Last time I looked my worst server
  was up 99.2 percent of the time, now that's good enough
  for me.



  Thomas Krichel