Good day, folks,

This email comes to you in three brief parts.

*Part One - Pull request time*

We have a pull request
<> that folks have
generally agreed should be merged, but the timing was too close to the 2017
conference for the PR to be merged. In order for us not to be caught by the
same timing error as last year, would it be possible to pull this one in
this week?

*Part Two - Expanding the CoC4Lib to community spaces outside the

An outstanding question that we have with the CoC4Lib is how to expand the
text to explicitly go beyond conference time, particularly online community
spaces. To that end, a new issue thread was created at with a possible
addition to the CoC4Lib for folks to consider. I've volunteered to help
facilitate any breakout discussions surrounding this possible change at
c4l18, if people would like to discuss in person as well.

*Part Three - IRC admin help*

You might have noticed that on 12/25/2017 that the code4lib IRC channel was
hit by a spam bot. The bot was eventually blocked, but a question came up
regarding the number of folks who have ops powers who can respond to issues
like this (as well as other non-urgent issues in the IRC channel). Is there
a way that we can increase the number of IRC folks who have ops permissions
in the channel?

Thanks for reading, and have a good start of your 2018 year,