Hi Becky,

Regarding Part Three, I'll contact Freenode staff and see if there are


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On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 8:55 AM, Becky Yoose <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Good day, folks,
> This email comes to you in three brief parts.
> *Part One - Pull request time*
> We have a pull request
> <> that folks
> have
> generally agreed should be merged, but the timing was too close to the 2017
> conference for the PR to be merged. In order for us not to be caught by the
> same timing error as last year, would it be possible to pull this one in
> this week?
> *Part Two - Expanding the CoC4Lib to community spaces outside the
> conference*
> An outstanding question that we have with the CoC4Lib is how to expand the
> text to explicitly go beyond conference time, particularly online community
> spaces. To that end, a new issue thread was created at
> with a
> possible
> addition to the CoC4Lib for folks to consider. I've volunteered to help
> facilitate any breakout discussions surrounding this possible change at
> c4l18, if people would like to discuss in person as well.
> *Part Three - IRC admin help*
> You might have noticed that on 12/25/2017 that the code4lib IRC channel was
> hit by a spam bot. The bot was eventually blocked, but a question came up
> regarding the number of folks who have ops powers who can respond to issues
> like this (as well as other non-urgent issues in the IRC channel). Is there
> a way that we can increase the number of IRC folks who have ops permissions
> in the channel?
> Thanks for reading, and have a good start of your 2018 year,
> Becky