I use a mac for developing, and don't use it as a sort of terminal tool, I
develop _on_ the mac.  I install whatever I need there. MacOS is a kind of
unix, and `brew` usually gives me whatever I need.  But I don't do things
that my local macbook doesn't have the CPU power for.

Then I deploy to a staging server, and ultimately to production, using
automated deploy tools. I never edit things directly on the production or
staging server.

The staging/production servers are always some kind of linux, I don't
really care if they are VMs or whatever. On my current project, they are
all AWS resources.


On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 10:52 AM, Eric Lease Morgan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I’m just curious. What sorts of computing environments do y’all
> use/exploit?
> For a long long time I used my Macintosh as a sort of terminal tool
> connected to a Unix/Linux computer where I did my “real” computing.
> Now-a-days, I still use this set up, but the Unix/Linux environment is
> increasingly a virtual machine, a “large” multi-core computer, or a
> “cluster”. More specifically, I have learned to increase my throughput with
> parallel processing and/or cluster computing. This is advantageous because
> I do dozens of processes against 10’s of thousands plain text files, and
> doing such work on against a single CPU is not feasible. Map/reduce is a
> good thing! Because of parallel processing a cluster computing, I have had
> to change some of my programming paradigms. The whole thing is very
> interesting.
> What sorts of environments do y’all use?
> —
> Eric Lease Morgan
> University of Notre Dame