This email is an invitation to participate in the DLF Assessment Interest Group’s (DLF AIG) working group on Cultural Assessment (CAWG) in 2018. There is more information about the group below, but first, a few words about participating in DLF AIG.


The only requirement for participation in a DLF AIG working group is a willingness to dig in and devote a small part of your time contributing to the tools, methods, and body of knowledge on digital library assessment. Attendance at the DLF forum is not a requirement for participation in any of the working groups. Additionally, if your institution is not a DLF member, you can still participate.


Cultural Assessment Working Group (CAWG) in 2017  

·         The group aims to make explicit the unintentional biases that permeate the creation of digital collections and outline ways to correct or articulate those biases that will allow digital collections to be even more usable, diverse and transparent.

·         2017 focused on the development of a Cultural Assessment Toolkit proof of concept. There were two pilots

o    A collaboration with the DLF-AIG User Experience (UX) group to develop culturally sensitive/aware User Personas. This collaboration supported the development of the UX Persona’s Best Practices.

o    The development of the first section draft of the Rubric for Reflection on Selection Best Practices developed from survey responses on current selection practices. This work was the foundation for the Internet Archive’s Inclusive Curation project.

·         For more information about the group, see the Cultural Assessment Working Group (CAWG) wiki, or follow project development via the group repository.


Cultural Assessment Working Group (CAWG) Goals for 2018

·         The first goal of the group is to develop a charge for a new CAWG task force on Metadata.

·         Second, revisiting the Selection Task Force charge to reflect the new year.

·         Develop an addendum to the Selection Practices survey.

·         Continue the DLF-AIG UX group collaboration.


How can you participate?  

·         Participate in the three task forces (Metadata, Selection, and UX). You are welcome to participate in any or all of these task forces.

o    Each task force has leadership opportunities in the form of a Lead Implementer, a group Facilitator and Reporter.

·         The group intends to meet twice a month.

·         Time commitment : Less than an hour per week.

·         We are looking for diverse perspectives and welcome participation from anyone. We are in particular need of Public Libraries, HBCUs, Tribal Libraries, and Museum perspectives.

·         To sign up, please contact Hannah Scates Kettler ([log in to unmask]) or join the conversation via the CAWG Google Group.

·         Our initial Skype call will be scheduled for the week of the 29th. Date TBD but details will be posted on the group Wiki and announced via the Google Group. You may also email Hannah if you have questions.


For questions about the larger DLF Assessment Interest Group, contact the DLF AIG co-leaders, Sara Rubinow [log in to unmask] and Santi Thompson [log in to unmask].


Thank you for participating in the DLF AIG!



Hannah Scates Kettler

Digital Humanities Librarian | University of Iowa Libraries

125 Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52242



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