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Thank you so much to everyone that was able to join us for the inaugural DLF Technologies of Surveillance (ToS) Interest Group. Here is link to the agenda we covered during the call, in which we identified the sub groups we’re starting off with, which are as follows:



A group to investigate how to resist administrative pressure to surrender library data to campus and/or engage in privacy-damaging assessment practices



How can basic online awareness factor into information literacy instruction, in areas such as online tracking and user behavior analytics?

How best to discuss biases in databases and search engines?


Library Built Systems

What are we building and how are we managing data collection in our systems?

What guiding principles should library-grown systems adopt?


Vendor Built Systems

How do we ensure transparency with respect to system data collection?

Are there minimal requirements that we should be requiring of vendors, with respect to data collection and privacy, in order to align with our professional values?


Professional Research Ethics

Will investigate the ethics of surveillance in library-based research


Each subgroup needs a logistical leader who will schedule and convene its members, delegate note taking and the report back to the larger group. Please volunteer by checking the ‘Leader’ column in the ToS Roster spreadsheet. The deadline for volunteering to be on a sub group is February 7th. After this date, Shea and Yasmeen will contact each subgroup leader to plan the next steps. Subgroups will try meet once a month and the larger Interest Group will meet quarterly, and all meeting days and times will be sent out on the ToS listserv in advance. Anyone is welcome to join any group; all you have to do is contribute!


Please contact Yasmeen or Shea if you have any questions.




Shea Swauger


Head of Researcher Support Services

Auraria Library


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