OCLC wants to find out how to make it easier for libraries to integrate
their library management system with their campus software systems.  We’d
like to conduct a few interviews to find out more about the challenges
faced with this type of integration and how we can lower the barriers for
integration for libraries.

If you have been involved in the integration of library management systems
with campus systems, could you contact us?  We are specifically interested
in the use cases below:

   1. Pushing invoice and payment data from the library management
   acquisitions system to the campus accounts payable system
   2. Pushing/pulling fee and fine data from the library management
   circulation system to the campus student system
   3. Pulling course information from the campus student system into the
   library course reserves system

If you have information about any of the workflows above and would be
willing to talk to us, please e-mail us.  We’d love to set some time to
talk at a time convenient for you.


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