Hi folks,

I'm looking for the right tool for the job. I'm helping a faculty member who wants an interactive bibliography: click on the map and get all of the bib entries that pertain to that country. It would be like the visual equivalent of this common way of filtering text with jQuery:

I'm imagining some thing that looks a bit like this, with the country highlighted and the bib details below:

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This screenshot cobbles together a couple of views I was able to put together in Tableau, and I imagine that Tableau might be able to support the kind of application we're going for. But maybe a different datavis tool would do it easier, better, etc.

Does anyone know of a tool that would do this sort of filter-by-map-click function? Anyone know what that kind of function might be called? It seems like it would be super-cool, but my Google-fu has failed me thus far.

So far, I can get Tableau to show me the bib details for a single entry when there's only one entry per country, or it will show  me (as seen above) the number of entries for a country with more numerous entries, then it takes a few clicks to get to the bib details.

Any ideas?