Howdy all,

I'm working on a book aimed at librarians newer to data
manipulation/analysis who need help wrapping their minds around a few core
concepts and tools already on their desktop computer (Mac, Windows, Linux)
they need to solve real world problems.

If there are data problems you'd like to see addressed, I hope you'll
consider sharing your ideas through the form at If your idea is used, your name will
be listed in the acknowledgements section.

The problem can be anything and you can submit as many as you like.
Examples that will be there include identifying and removing duplicates in
fields or records in a file or across a series of file, fixing delimited
files that contain line breaks, converting dates from inconsistent format,
using an API to retrieve or update records in, combining information
scattered across multiple files, and converting data from one format to

To be clear, this is not a programming book -- there are plenty of good
ones already. To keep things digestible, the book presents only
basic/useful stuff and helps people recognize what they don't need to know.
If data were a country you were visiting where you didn't speak the
language, this would be the phrasebook you'd use to help navigate various

Sorry for the long email, and thanks in advance for your ideas. Feel free
to forward this message anywhere you think people would like to see it.