Hi everyone - At The University of Alabama Libraries, we are currently in the discussion phase of considering a new Digital Asset Management System. Therefore, we are curious what other institutions use, and perhaps their reasoning, and / or satisfaction with that tool. Also, if you’d like to indicate public/private, it’d be appreciated. Answer as much or as little as you like, I do not want to be a burden on already busy schedules and workdays - if you want to just tell me the tool then that would be more than enough info. I’m reading lots of articles on the topic at the moment, and I haven’t seem much in terms of a comprehensive survey of institutions and the tools they use, but lots of ‘a building body of evidence indicates such-and such’ - I’d like to try and see more accurately what folks are using.

Thank you so much in advance, if you care to participate.

Steven Turner.

Steven Turner, MLIS
Manager, Web Technologies and Development, Assistant Professor
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The University of Alabama
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