I am a librarian with MLIS and B.S.  Management Information Systems. MIS basically is combined business and CS. I learned most of web and database languages except PHP. I am doing much web coding for library web and libguides other than database coding.

YiPing Wang, MLIS
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I was an art major, learned to program, got my library degree, have been writing code (among other things) for libraries for 15 years, but was never an "official" librarian. I'm still learning to program, and always will be. 😊

This topic reminded me of a quote I like:

"I dare to imagine the general public learning to write code. I do not mean that knowledge of programming should join the ranks of subjects that represent basic literacy: languages, history, philosophy, the fundamentals of science and mathematics. I mean it the other way around. I hope that those with knowledge of the humanities will break into the closed society where code is written: invade it." - Ellen Ullman, Life in Code

The "invasion" goes both ways too; It would be nice to see more library leadership roles open up to people who code for libraries, not just those who have "librarian" in their titles.  After all, librarians were information technologists before Information Technology was even a thing!

Shaun Ellis
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    Just wanted to point out: There are over 3500 subscribers to this list, and I think it's safe to say that the majority of us are librarians or other library staff who either code or aspire to do so. You are definitely not alone, and we need you and lots more like you in this profession ASAP!

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    Dear Friends:


    I would love to hear from more of you (no pressure though), but I just wanted to thank everyone who already responded!!

    I feel much less alone now and will get back to all of you asap. THANK YOU!!


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    > Long ago, in another life, I was a Math & Comp Sci major.  I had
    > several IT jobs, and then a number of tech jobs in libraries, plus I
    > did some database-related consulting.  For almost a decade, I headed
    > the library and academic IT at Brooklyn College.  But I've been more
    > and more in management and haven't directly coded myself in several years.
    > Stephanie
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    > There are a number of prominent librarians who code.  Many of them are
    > on this list, or on LITA-L.
    > I have a BS in Astronomy and an MLIS.  My software skills are
    > self-taught.  As a planetary scientist, I became a computer system
    > administrator and wrote a lot of analysis software.  As a librarian, I
    > am a cataloger, currently working with both the traditional catalog
    > and our institutional repository.  I've written code for
    > computer-aided-cataloging, complicated batch changes to the catalog,
    > and conversion of metadata between formats.  I am fortunate to be in a
    > supportive environment; my supervisor has come to rely on my tech skills.
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    > Subject: [CODE4LIB] Librarians and computer science
    > Hello I hope you are all well!!
    > My name is Michael I am a public librarian with the New York public
    > library.
    > I have been taking cs classes on and off for the last five years. I
    > greatly enjoy them but feel slightly split between two worlds.
    > Are there many of us (librarians) who code?? If so please let me know
    > if you mind having your brain picked.
    > Many thanks!!
    > Sincerely,
    > Mike


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