Over the weekend, I cleaned out my personal Google Drive, and read through some of my writing assignments from college for the first time in four years. You wouldn’t think the essays would stand the test of time (and a graduate school education), but I was delighted and impressed with my younger self’s work.


Some truly spectacular excerpts include the statement, “Admiral Lord Nelson went out with (both a literal and figurative) bang when he was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805” and a final paper that began “It’s amazing how, after studying something for ten weeks, a person can still feel overwhelmed by how much they don’t understand about it.” There may also have been another missive on the Hellenistic era that started with “It is a truth universally acknowledged...” and included a reference to Captain Underpants.


Now you know: I was incorrigible long before I started these Jobs Board roundups. Speaking of—here are last week’s positions:



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