Happy Friday everyone,

The Infrastructure Interest Group has developed a planned list of topics for discussion on our monthly conference calls in 2018. The schedule is below, along with the facilitators, feel free to contact the facilitator if you have specific questions on one of the topics.

While this is the plan, we all know plans are subject to change. If we need to rearrange the schedule, we’ll send a message to let people know. Meeting details are noted below the topics.

Month	Topic	Facilitator
March	LOCKSS	Art Pasquinelli / Corey Davis
April	Collaborative Storage Infrastructure	Corey Davis
May	Local Infrastructure at Different Sized Institutions	Leah Prescott
June	NDSA Levels of Preservation Reboot	Corey Davis / Carol Kussmann
July	Cloud Storage Infrastructure	Sally Vermaaten
August	Preservation Storage Criteria	Sybil S.
September	System/Information security	Paige Walker
October	Planning (Working lunch at DigiPres 2018)	Corey Davis / Nathan Tallman
November	Emulation	Nathan Tallman
December	Costing Storage and Migration	Nicole H. Scalessa / Karen Cariani

Date/Time: 3rd Monday of each Month at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

Call-In Info: Join us online at <> (use Firefox or Chrome for VOIP audio) and/or connect by phone at 1-866-287-9307

Have a great weekend!

Nathan Tallman
Digital Preservation Librarian
Product Owner, Digital Collection Repositories
Penn State University Libraries