The latest version of JHOVE is now available to download. JHOVE is an open
source file format identification, validation and characterisation tool for
digital preservation, and part of the OPF reference toolset.

JHOVE 1.20 contains improvements to the WAVE module including support for
RF64 files, better reporting and minor bug fixes. There are some new
validation checks in the PDF module for the header, document catalog and
page dictionary. Finally, image format reporting has been added to NISO MIX
1.0 output and PDF image MIME types detection has been fixed.

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JHOVE is open source, free to download, to use and to modify. However, it
is not free to host, maintain, support or develop. JHOVE is one of the most
widely-used digital preservation tools, but currently only OPF members
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*About JHOVE*
JHOVE (JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment) is an extensible
software framework for performing format identification, validation, and
characterisation of digital objects. JHOVE is maintained by the Open
Preservation Foundation (OPF) with development effort guided by the JHOVE
Product Board.

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