Dear ToS Community,


The full working group meeting took place yesterday and we had a productive and engaging call – thank you to everyone who was able to participate!


The minutes of that meeting are available at this link:


In there, you will see that we discussed the need for a working group-wide platform to collaborate across the subgroups and to serve as a way to disseminate our findings. Kristen Briney had the excellent suggestion that we document our needs first, and then work on identifying a platform that addresses those needs.


In the next two weeks, please visit: and document what needs you think such a space should accommodate.

After the two week comment period has ended, we will add a section to this document to propose platforms – again with a two week contribution period.


As always, please visit the Wiki to get caught up on all the subgroup activities and be on the lookout for an email with a poll to determine our next meeting date in June.


Thank you for all your engagement with this community!


Yasmeen & Shea


Yasmeen Shorish

Data Services Coordinator, Assoc. Professor

Rose Library 2309

James Madison University


ORCID: 0000-0002-4155-8241 


I observe email free evenings and weekends.

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