I can grab a random 1000 descriptions/summaries from our catalog records
easily enough and send them to you.  I assume you're looking for data in
the MARC 520 field.  Do you need additional info (title, author, etc?).

Mark Sandford
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> Hi All,
> Current bibliometrics project is in a humanities/social sciences area (not
> typically my specialty). I'm looking for book descriptions for maybe ~1000
> books. Even if I could automate filling in a few more of these, I would be
> happy. I could scrape a catalog page, but that might be frowned upon. I
> could also download the free MARC files from LoC, but that's way too much.
> We (JHA) don't maintain a cataloging subscription to WorldCat (JHE - our
> parent org, I'm sure must). OpenLibrary appears to not have descriptions.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Christina
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