I would encourage you to look at ResourceSpace. It can out of the box meet
your needs described below:

   1. Quickly catalog, tag, group, and/or label photos and videos.
   2. Easily filter and search metadata by date, location, subject,
   permissions, rights, and purpose.
   3. Export batch images to email, social media sites, and storage.
   4. Adding metadata formatting in a batch would be a big plus.

It is open source and can be hosted in the same environment as Wordpress or
Drupal. Like those applications all of your data and media is portable ie
it can exported for use elsewhere when the application stops meeting your
needs. As a web based application, It can accessed by whomever holds an
account. Media and metadata can also be made available to those without

Personally I have used it for 10 years on projects large and small. If you
further questions let me know.

With Regards,

*Matthew Patulski*
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