Dear all,

Does anyone work with a LAM or know of case studies of institutions
utilizing one DAMS and tool-set for their special collections,
institutional records, and/or publications? My organization is considering
migrating from one open-source DAMS to another, and incorporating these
various records into the one DAMS, or possibly multiple instances of the
one DAMS software if necessary. We don't have the support to have multiple
repositories, so one is really ideal, and it would allow us to explore
opportunities of preserving and providing user access to material from
various departments such as educational materials and promotional materials
that currently live elsewhere and lack metadata and discoverability.

I know of one organization that is also considering this idea, but I have
no idea if anyone has tried this and either succeeded or failed. Any leads
would be helpful!


Caroline Hayden, MLIS
Digital Services Manager
Historical Society of Pennsylvania