I haven't heard anything from our campus about steps to take for our library website. Last year we published information about our website privacy policy to let uses know we use Google Analytics to capture website usage data. That policy doesn't list specific outside sites but does indicate we do link to numerous outside sites and encourage users to explore the privacy policies on those sites. 

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Hi folks,

Is anyone making changes to your library website, sub-sites, or other digital platforms in order to comply with GDPR regulations?

Bonus: if so, are you also working to increase users' awareness of how their data is collected and used across the library, not just on the web?

We're mulling a few options here. Our university-level IT group plans to launch a web click-through page before users from the EU can proceed to institutional websites, but our library servers don't fall under their control for this change.

I think this could be an opportunity for us to increase privacy awareness for all our users, rather than just EU visitors, and I've seen a few non-library websites present this info to everyone in a way that isn't obtrusive or alarming. But, I haven't gotten a sense of whether this is something other library folks are considering as well.

Thanks for anything you've got to share.

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