Hi Erin,
We’re in a similar boat here my our library. We run our own website (Drupal) and the university runs theirs. Luckily our university has purchased a product, OneTrust<>, as a solution to GDPR and I should be rolling it out to our sites in the coming weeks. It adds a small banner to the bottom of the site where people can either accept all cookies or read more and toggle certain ones on/off. On the other sites that it’s implemented on it seems to work and look great.


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Hi folks,

Is anyone making changes to your library website, sub-sites, or other digital platforms in order to comply with GDPR regulations?

Bonus: if so, are you also working to increase users' awareness of how their data is collected and used across the library, not just on the web?

We're mulling a few options here. Our university-level IT group plans to launch a web click-through page before users from the EU can proceed to institutional websites, but our library servers don't fall under their control for this change.

I think this could be an opportunity for us to increase privacy awareness for all our users, rather than just EU visitors, and I've seen a few non-library websites present this info to everyone in a way that isn't obtrusive or alarming. But, I haven't gotten a sense of whether this is something other library folks are considering as well.

Thanks for anything you've got to share.

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