After over 10 years of hosting at Oregon State University Libraries, we'd like to offer up the opportunity to another institution or group.

The sites are currently hosted on an aging physical server, and we figured this would be a good time to transition.

The server currently includes (Drupal), (Mediawiki), (Planet) and (Rails)
OSU has also been managing domain registration for for a few years now.

Given the need for systems administration, software and security updates, maintenance, backups, etc. we’re looking for an institution with sufficient resources to take this on. Making some server accounts for community members available is very important.

There is also an opportunity to explore moving on from Drupal, since it's overkill for what very little we use it for. But I think it's important to preserve what we've created (especially past conferences) and for the community to control our content. I believe that should be a separate conversation than the hosting though, at least initially.

I plan to continue assisting with user account management and some other back-end tasks, though I welcome any help with that.

Let me know if there is serious interest, or if there are other questions or concerns.

Ryan Wick