The Privacy in Libraries LITA webinar series ends with:

Take Back Researcher Privacy
Wednesday May 23, 2018, Noon – 1:00 pm Central Time
Presenter: Sam Kome

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During this hour Sam will cover:

   - A review of ethics and challenges to them including laws
   - What’s at stake: researcher vulnerability
   - Mitigations: Easy actions to take immediately, and more robust actions
   that could take more time.

Attendees can expect to takeaway;

   - Clarity on the topic
   - Related ALA and industry ethics statements, federal laws and policies
   - Scope of the problem: degree and types of researcher exposure via
   library and vendor systems
   - Who and what are the enablers
   - Conversation starters for different stakeholders
   - Example privacy policies and other mitigations

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*Previous series webinars included:*

   - Developing Good Privacy Policies, March 28, 2018 with Sarah Houghton
   - Wrangling Library Patron Data, April 11, 2018 with Becky Yoose
   - Adopting Encryption Technologies, April 25, 2018 with Matt Beckstrom
   - Analytics and Assessment: Privacy vs. Surveillance, May 9, 2018, with
   T.J. Lamanna and Eric Hellman

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